Heralds from Home Hill

At approximately 5pm on Wednesday June 14, Police from Home Hill have intercepted a maroon sedan on Seventeenth Street for the purpose of a random breath test and licence check.  At this time, the driver, a 38-year-old male from Home Hill has provided a positive reading and as a result was transported to the Police Station for the purpose of further testing. As a result, the male has provided a reading of 0.08% and was subsequently issued with a notice to appear in the Ayr Magistrates Court on July 12. The male driver’s licence was also suspended for a period of 24 hours.

At approximately 8:45pm on Saturday June 17, Police from Home Hill were conducting patrols along Sixth Street when they have observed a white Ford sedan with no registration plates being driven along the road. The vehicle was subsequently intercepted on Georgees Road where it was revealed that the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured.  The driver, a 37-year-old female from Home Hill, was issued with 2 traffic infringement notices for Unregistered and Uninsured vehicle, totalling $877. The vehicle was also immobilised for a period of 7 days due to the driver having already had a previous registration related offence.

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